HivePUD, I'm Back!

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Two months ago, I have said that it will be my last #HivePUD, but I have LIED! WHAAAAT?

Actually, it was the last "eligible" #HivePUD, as I have more than 8K powered up Hive... But, I have still decided to take place in this AWESOME event and I like to PROMOTE good stuff! And this is a GOOD supportive COMMUNITY EVENT! Thanks a ton for the organization and for sponsors!

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As always, I was all-in... There wasn't too much to power up, but still, everything counts!

My HivePower BEFORE the PowerUP:

The moment for Powering UP!

And the final result is!

So, what is #HIVE-PUD?

Just a short introduction to HivePUD... What does it mean at all? #HivePUD is shortened for the Hive Power Up Day. It's an event when Hive members powerup their liquid HIVE and stop any active PowerDown! It is organized by a great fellow Hivians @streetstyle and @traciyork and it is held every 1st day in a month.

You can check all the details about the #HivePUD at the official post that you can find it here:

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That's wicked cool, @ph1102! So glad you're participating in #HivePUD again, and I appreciate your wonderful shout out. Happy Hiving! 🚀 😊

You are most welcome! Thank you for organizing this!

It's not an easy job...

Appreciate all the work that you are doing for Hive and others, here and on Twitter!

Cool! I missed the PU by a day or two, but still doing it as soon as I can get my hands on liquid HIVE. I don't know any other way as I'm here for the long game along with all the Hive hodlers.

Thanks for bringing up the specific day as I was wondering what was #HivePUD but could not find when to do it.



Actually, I'm also doing my power-ups during the month, but I like to accumulate a couple more when it's the end of the month and support the event... It helped me a lot while I was eligible for prizes, and I want to contribute as much as I can to return the favor... ;)

Cheers! Have a great weekend!

It sounds like a good plan man. I've just set up an alarm to remind me on the day.

Have an amazing day!

Yay! So proud of you, twin. You are absolutely crushing it. You inspire me 😊🧚‍♂️💜

Thank you, Jenn! "Blame" you for this round of #HivePUD... Thanks for reminding me about it... ;)

Thanks for participating in HPUD

‪#HIVE 🙌 from London 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿‬

Thank you, Nathan, for all your support! It's nice to have you in our Hive lines!

#HIVE 🙌 from Spain 🇪🇸

We will keep coming back, this become some kind of habit.

...or an addiction... :)

Here goes a soon to become orca ;-)

lol... Not sure about that "soon", but I would like... 🤣


Thanks! As I can see, you have contributed also with some nice amount of Hive!