3 Ways To Plug Into Hive - How to Thrive on Hive

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When you come to Hive, you are usually feeling a bit alone... There are thousands of active users, but it is hard to find your place... The easiest way to "survive" on any social network is to plug into some group of people that have similar interests as you... That was my topic for my daily vlog... Take a watch...

I have mentioned some tips inside the video how can you go in the "fast lane":

  1. Create content

Use the #introduceyourself tag when you are doing your presentation post about yourself...

If you search for an idea to fast-jump into the content creation, the ideal option is to join some of the running challenges as #IAmAliveChallenge, created by @flaxz (you can find more details about it here: https://peakd.com/hive-155221/@flaxz/i-am-alive-challenge-the-guide)...

Or you can try 5 Minute Freewrite (hashtag: #freewrite), created by @mariannewest... Check her out like every day, there is a different topic...

Also, there are a bunch of contests, giveaways... Check out @hiveghost, @russellstockley, @cryptofiloz (Splinterlands giveaway), or just check the search page for giveaways here: https://peakd.com/trending/giveaway

  1. Follow others on the blockchain and #engage with them through comments...

Some great content writers that I like are @jongolson, @pixiepost, @nathanmars, @achim03, @russellstockley, @robwillmann, @flaxz, and a lot of others... I don't want to SPAM this post a lot, and I have probably forgotten someone... please accept my apologies...

  1. Invest a bit on the platform...

It doesn't have to be hundreds of bucks... it can be 5, 10, 20... Just to show your "seriousness" in your journey, but also, it will help you to "keep you on the course"... It will be a small motivation to push forward if you stuck a bit... Also, it will help you to have enough RC (resource credits) that you can create and comment on the platform as much as you want...

You will also start to receive passive income from upvoting others, and show support to them as they will to you... ;)

Also, you can join some curation trail (I would suggest @hivehustlers or @bradleyarrow curation trails)

And don't forget to join communities from your interest... If you search for good supportive communities, I would suggest HiveHustlers and CTP Community and CTP Swarm...

In the end, I would like to highlight one post today... If you are into gaming, you can check the great post about dCity game created by @invest4free and you can find it here https://peakd.com/dcity/@invest4free/investing-in-dcity-part-3-why-are-there-taxes-in-this-game

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Very nice post @ph1102 :) some great tips for the newcomers and the oldies alike
Thanks for the mention and the wheel plugs

I agree that it can be overwhelming for people, just trying to find that Niche to fit into, but I have found using the search function at peakd has certainly let me into some other worlds.

You are most welcome, Russell...

I enjoy in watching/reading your blog posts every day... ;) Thanks for being consistent and for bringing a ton of value to my, and every other's life!

Great post. I am reposting it so I can find it easily for future downliners. Thanks

Thank you Bob for your kind words... I'm glad that you liked it!

...and I hope that it will help to your downliners!

nice post. I have retweeted the post on twitter.
I have also reposted it.

Thank you for your support and for sharing with your followers! Appreciate it!

Now that is how you do a blog post.

Thank you, Bradley... We have to promote quality and supportive community that we have!
Thanks for all your work!

Back at you. Thank you.

Very useful tips for beginners! If you are on Hive blockchain or even any other platforms, you have to create content. That's how you can add value. We love to consume content and get to know what other people are up to.

When it comes to creating content, you can start with something you like, or you are passionate about and you love to talk about that. Then move on from there.

Create, consume, engage, comment... Create, consume, engage, comment...

Never ending cycle of learning new things :)

Yep, let's do this. :)

Thanks for mentioning my post. 😁

Thank you for creating awesome content giving me the reason to link it in my post :)

You’re welcome 😉

Great post my friend! I believe that this are good guidelines to bring your account forward. It can be quite a challenge for someone starting new here. When I started there was no hive-engine, no tribes, no splinterlands, no keychain... Of course all these are great add-ons to hive but what I want to say is that it was somewhat easier to understand the basics when I started, and it was already complicated enough...

Yes, it looks complicated at the moment... but it was way more complicated in the past... lol...

Sounds incredible, but it is truth... :)

Anyways, improving and making easier to newcomers is always a good way to go...

Great video and post Zoltan, and thanks a lot for the mention, very nice and easy ways for people to start creating here in Hive and get a connection with the community, the easier it is to start the more people we can onboard, stay awesome.


Exactly! It is easier when you are surrounded with friends and supportive community!

Thanks for taking time to watch and read my posts!

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