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The beginning of the month is always crazy busy for me & today was no exception. Catching up on curating & completing my entry for the #HivePUD initiative, I have been on fire…

So, I thought I would jump into the #HiveIsRealMoney challenge speared by @sergiomendes. This is a great way to share real life HIVE currency use & experiences in our communities as well as get us motivated to make new goals to use HIVE in different ways in the future.

The video tells about my own small experience & I invite you to jump in as well. What has the currency done for you? :)

Also, a big shout out to @hiveswag for having great merch & their proactive presence on the blockchain :)

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Sergio’s original vlog post about the #HiveIsRealMoney challenge

Two crypto currency platforms I use to swap HIVE or HBD for other crypto:


Simple Swap

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Great video and awesome use case example! There are more and more real use-cases for crypto and it's nice to see new places where we can spend our crypto!

I will try to do my post about this topic!

Thanks for sharing your experience!

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Yes, please do! That would be awesome to see your experience. Just remember to tag @sergiomendes in the post as well as on Twitter so he can see it as well. :)

It's amazing the real case growth that is happening in the crypto world. The more we have this on Hive & other platforms, the more people will use it & feel more comfortable with it. It's a super important component to have in the mix.

Thanks for choosing my post for the TIA &, as always, for being so supportive! :) 💙

You are most welcome!

Will try to not forget to create post for this challenge... Please poke me if I do... lol

Thanks a bunch!

You're most welcome! Thanks for making fantastic swag. :)

Maybe Pixie Post can work with you sometime ... ;)

Really nice video Jeen. I think that we are only scratching the surface of the potential for hive as currency. I have an online shop for my offline business and I use paypal there. For every transaction that I have it costs me between 0.5 and 3 Usd just for the transactions! With Hive it would simply be free and in addition to that, I could avoid passing over a third party service like paypal.

to use Hive as money opens so many possibilities...

Wow, that is a big bite into any earnings you receive there as well. :/ Well, it's as @jongolson says, PayPal is the Spawn of Satan. I tend to agree with that. ;)

Yes, we are just starting with the potential that Hive has. The mere fact that it's already becoming so user friendly speaks volumes. I am excited to be able to use it in every day transactions eventually. This is another reason why it's important to get in as early as possible before the mass adoption really kicks in. And it will.

Thanks so much for watching, Achim! I appreciate your support & your friendship! :) 💚

When you see how paypal managed to sink his business, I totally understand why he calls them like that :-).

I'm trying to set up an online shop for digital goods that only accepts Hive and hive-engine tokens. Let's see whether I manage to do that :-).

Have a nice sunday!

Twitter account thepixiepost was registered to Hive account pixiepost!

Thank you @poshtoken! :)

  ·  6 days ago (edited)

You got yourself a nice mug there bought with Hive.

I love this mug. @hiveswag still sells it so there's one for everyone! 🙂
Thanks so much for watching! 🙌💜

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You have so much energy girl

Participating in so many things.

Ps. I'm trying to stake up liquid CTP tokens and It's seems to not working. Do you have any idea why ?

Ha ha ha I try. I have to pace myself sometimes. I will be taking a break for a few hrs he he :)

I tested Hive Engine and made sure the CTP tokens were staking. They did for me. Try it again & if you are still having issues, let me know. When @jongolson returns from Sabbath, he will be able to help you with that :)

I did it via Hive Engine.

I tried doing via CTP talk but it didn't work...

Now I can vote and participate in CTP talk

You sign into ctp talk with hive keychain?

that should fix it

Thank you Jon

Let me know if that works, if not I'll see if we can get it sorted today for ya!

It worked :)

Congrats Jennifer lol

Thank you! Much appreciated :) Building slowly to Dolphin status. 🙌

Yep Jennifer 😊💪💪💪

Thanks Jenn for sharing your experiences :)

You're very welcome, Janelle :)

This was a great challenge to be a part of. It shows real case use with HIVE & it's only going to get better from this point on.

Thanks for watching, girl! Have a fantastic day :) 💜

Keep up the good work! Spot on :)

Thank you so much! I am trying he he. ;) 💙

When we can use more cryptos in their everyday life, we are getting close to mass adoption. Buying products or services with cryptos like HIVE/HBD is a great thing. Looking forward to seeing more uses of HIVE/HBD to buy different things.

I am too & I know, as time goes on, we will see more adoption within Hive & other cryptocurrencies. To think, I had no clue about any of this a couple of years ago. Now, I am completely convinced this is all a perfect progression for future mass adoption.

Thanks so much for watching! :)

Loved to hear Your experience and awesome mug :D bring on the videos. :D Looking great and thank You so much for jumping in. Let's show everyone out there the power of the community. :D

I'm so glad you liked it! I enjoyed taking part in it & I hope more people jump on board. Thanks for doing this, my friend. We will bring more awareness of how awesome Hive really is! 🙌🙂

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Eheh you know I am not that influencial in here and many people don't want to associate with me. But since some cool, nice and respected people are joining...we might be able to get some content out there.

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Aww don't sell yourself short. You're cool in my book & I think you have more influence than you realize.
Yes there a lot of amazing people on the blockchain so I hope some of them do join. It will strengthen our blockchain & they'll receive nice upvotes & comments, too! 😉💜

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