Mini Pix Vlog Update | HIVE Updates & An Important Message For My Community

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It’s that time again….HIVE Updates with Pixie Post in the Pixie Palace! (Boy, that’s a tongue twister lol.) There’s a lot of exciting things taking place in my little corner of the blockchain as well as outside of my community overall.

Within the housekeeping bits & announcements, I also share an important message about what has been unfolding in our community, which has impacted a lot of us. I can’t stay silent anymore so do know, I say it with kindness & this is just my perspective.

So, don't miss out on all of the excitement. Here, there is a place for everyone! So, jump on in - the water is fine ;)

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Thanks, girl! When I mentioned amazing women on the blockchain, you're one of the ones I thought of. ♥️

Glad you stopped by. 😊 Love you! 🌺🧚‍♂️

Nice take on the drama, let them be replied with positivity and time is the best teacher.

Thanks & exactly. 😊 I needed to address it but I don't wish anyone bad. Hopefully, time will mend some of the drama as we move forward. We just want to being our light here on the blockchain & I know we can do that. 🙏🏻🧡

Great video Jenn!

I liked your take on the twitter drama. I don't like when people spread negative wibes. We should work the other way round and spread postivie energy around us...

Thanks Achim! 😊 I wanted to say my part but also keep the positive vibes going. As you said, we definitely need to continue to uphold a supportive environment on the blockchain. So I didn't want to add to any negativity but sometimes one has to take a stand. 😉💙


😉 💞

Hi jen

Thanks for the updates, I agree that its great to see people consolidating their challenges into one post, and said so in my last Russells chatter :)

Your news alwasy keeps me up to date and much appreciated

My Part Three of Finding Pixie Dust is currently being uploaded and is taking a twist :) a deliberate one . Keep your eyes open

Oooo I will definitely check it out when I get up. It's 2:37am & I think I might need to take a nap first hahah. 😉

Thank you for your kind words about the video. I am glad the updates help you. I thought about making it weekly but just decided to do them as I go when there is enough to talk about. So there will be more in the future, I'm sure 😉🙌💜🌺

You should do this like twice per week... F#@# BBC, CNN and other crap... 🤣

We need PNN... Pixie News Network! :)

and that Twitter "drama"... I wouldn't call it drama at all.. it was just one kid whining and asking for attention... Saw that when my son was 5 yo... lol...

Great video!

Made in Canva

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🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 PNN - wow lol. I might use that!! Yes and f#$@ main stream media for sure. (Oh excuse me 😉)

Yes the Twitter drama I think will subside soon...after awhile, it's better to just focus on our communities & our own journeys. Let's continue to make this a positive place to be, where we help & support one another. 💜🙌

It's all about empowerment & love at the Pixie Palace ... Oh, & wine too...lots of wine 🍷🤣

Thank you for putting this video out Jenn.

We as a community need to learn from you how to keep calm and spread positivity.

Thank you so much! Of course I am human like everyone else so I have my moments, but I am much more mindful these days lol. :)

Thanks so much for watching & for your undying support. I truly appreciate you! Love ya! :) 💜

Hello there Jenn @Pixiepost.
So nice to see the face behind the search for the missing pixie dust campaign.
So glad that I saw this video that you made, you have certainly clarified a few things for me.
Have you even thought about making beginner tutorials for complete newbies like myself because you have a great way of explaining things!
I would've loved to have been able to watch them before and when I first joined!
Everyone on here -Especially those in the IAmAliveChallenge have been awesome with their help and support so far, but to have all of the info in a series of clear videos would have made a huge difference I think. And when I say beginner- I mean that I knew zero about crypto. And had never heard of Steem/Hive or even Discord before so it's been a very steep and (Sometimes very frustrating) learning curve and without Flaxz, Bradley, Lisa and a few others, I probably would've thrown in the towel (after head exploding..lo....)
Anyhow, great video, I have definitely subscribed and going to search for more of yours to watch right now.
I'd also love to see the video's you mentioned about hospitality. After working in Hospo for 30+yrs, I love to watch the experience of others and all of the different environments.
Also thanks for the links, going to look at all of them now.
Thanks so much once again and speak soon.

Wow thank you so much for your kind words! That made my morning :) I do have a YouTube channel where I have various videos of spirituality, comedy & some of a "tutorial"esque nature. Feel free to find me on there, if you like, at ThePixiePost.

But yes, I am hardly an expert but I have learned a lot of things on the way in this HIVE journey. You are so right - the community really makes a difference. So many good people are here & we support one another in our individual endeavors as well as a collective. The I Am Live Challenge folks are amazing and so are the ones in #ctptalk. Are you in our Discord room? If not, let me know & I will be glad to give you the invite :)

I know we already are going to be good friends, because you understand the hospitality world (and the pain lolol). I have worked in it for about 20 years, give or take. Apparently, the Hotel videos I did are a big hit with a lot of people. They are basically about the crazy people I dealt with and my comedic response to it lol. (Think the British show, Fawlty Towers 🤣) We will have to trade stories sometime. I am pretty confident we could write a book with them lol. So, this is one I did the other day: if you want a good laugh.

Thanks so much & thank you for the follow. I look forward to getting to know you :) Sending many blessings!💜

me pareció algo loco pero muy interesante. Saludos

Wow, lamento no haber respondido a esto antes. Mis disculpas....

¡Sí, definitivamente fue dramático! ¿Pero que podemos hacer? Todo lo que podemos hacer es aprender de él y seguir adelante. Aquí se trata de positividad y apoyo mutuo. Gracias por ver :)

Great video Jenn. I'm pretty sure I know what you are referring to on the Twitter drama and all I see is spoiled rich kid. lol

I agree with you this community is growing and getting stronger all the time. Right at 1 year in CTPTalk is doing amazing, can't wait to see what year 2 brings.

Thanks so much, Mike! Yes you probably know what I am referring to. Well, as I said, I wish only the best & try not to say much, but this time I had to lol. We have such amazing men and women on this blockchain so I felt a little protective ;).

It gets better & better. I have been here for 2 yrs now & I promise you, you will discover even more growth within yourself as well as this community. It is still blowing my mind.

You're awesome, my friend. Thanks for your support. I appreciate you greatly :) ❤️

Less drama, more good relationships!
And you have value Sis! More than you can imagine 😊
Thank you for everything you've been doing so far and share your Pixie Dust with us!
Hope you get it back soon :)
And thank you for promoting the EPIC Giveaway!


As a real Fireballer you will get 10 extra entries for the CTP Blueprint Fireball GiveAway!
For more info about the Drawing click here :)

Awww thanks so much, Sis. I appreciate your kind words & you have big time value as well! :)

You're so welcome! I am glad I could bring more awareness to the Giveaway :) I hope you get some ppl to join & thank YOU for the extra entries, too! Maybe it will attract that Pixie Dust ha ha. ;)

Thank you for your support, love & smiles. I appreciate you and love you, Sis 💜💙

This was an awesome update, Jenn! I consolidated challenges because it made sense to save time both for readers and myself. These communities and the activity and support are amazing! There is no such thing as a perfect anything. And yes, we need to learn how to express our opinions in a respectful way and understand that everyone brings value to these platforms in their own way whether or not we agree with it personally. Love you and love watching you! You're so real and I appreciate the hell out of that. Is that Timmy in the background trying to get your attention?

Aww thanks so much, Lisa! Well, I always say "What you see is what you get!" It's up to that person as to whether that's a good thing or not hahah 🤣 🤣

Yes, sometimes we can just agree to disagree. I usually can find some common ground, even if it's slight, with everyone. We all have different views & opinions, which makes us all unique. That's what makes life interesting. But when drama starts & people become "devalued" in someone else's actions, well, I can't stay quiet about that. Our community has changed my life for the better & I will always be loyal to that! 💛

Ha ha, Timmy was passing by to sit out on our patio. I had the door open for him to do that so you caught him at his trips back & forth between there & the food bowl. 🤣 He always knows how to make an appearance somehow!

Thanks for watching, my friend. I appreciate your support & kindness. Love you! 💜


Thank you! I appreciate you watching 💗🧚‍♂️

And here I was not even aware of the twitter drama 😂🤣 guess I'm too focused on what's happening my part of the world 🤣😂

Have a fantastic weekend! My Sunday's almost coming to an end. Got help in cleaning up today. Yipee!! Still need to work on my videos though 😂🤣 take care!

Ha ha - you know, Roseyln, it is better that you did miss it. Fortunately, it seems things are settling down now so hopefully now we can all focus on the positive things on the blockchain & keep growing our amazing community! 💛

Omg, girl, you have no idea how much I relate to you right now. I have cleaning that I am completely procrastinating on & videos to make. But first.....