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RE: Unique Content is Gold - Personal Experience Inside!

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It might take a little time but original content pays off. And If you can do some keywords research and your content is SEO friendly, you will get better results. People can recognize your style when they read your post or you can do a better job with videos. It will differentiate you from the crowd.


You have nailed it with your comment! The SEO points are valid, that's for sure... and Google algorithm is changing daily, so cheating maybe had meaning in the past, but not anymore...

And I like this the most:

People can recognize your style when they read your post

It's like that indeed! People do recognize "person behind the post", and if you copy/paste, there is no way that you leave YOUR SIGNATURE under those words...

Thanks for your awesome comment!

Yes, that's right. Google updates its algorithm consistently. We only know the big updates. They make different experiments so that users get the best result.

If you want to build a brand, your content is the key. That's what I think. Thank you @ph1102 for sharing your experience about that site.