Hive Hustlers 2.0 Roadmap

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Hello Everyone! I wanted to take this opportunity to bring you the new HiveHustlers 2.0 Road Map! Just warning you in advance, it's kind of a long one and there is allot of information, but I just want you to know what all I have planned for the @hivehustlers @hivelist and the overall @hivecommerce community! We have some big plans, so hopefully I can answer allot of your burning questions in this video! What has not been answered here, will be in future announcements and posts or we can discuss in the HiveHustlers discord server!

Warning... I do mix up a couple of words because my mouth got away from my brain, but you will know what I am talking about, lol...just for those that like to correct terms, lol.


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Sweet. Looking forward to all this.

This is brilliant idea. But converting all hustler and M into list also ok to reduce complexity.

really a smart move. Hopefully, both tokens would find some relevance.

Now it's so much token for Hodl that it makes me kinda crazy lol

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It is what it is at this point, lol.

Trust me, it would have been way more complex to do the swaps and airdrops, etc. lol.

HiveHustlers was a very promising project at the beginning, and I do remember the time when started and a big part of the CTP community backed it up and help when it was most needed... I did also, with my other account, and still have some miners and tokens...

As owners and developers weren't interested in the future, the motivation of community members also fell down the cliff...

I couldn't imagine a better solution for HH than this one... That other person takes it over and finally, start with building... Wish you good luck!


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I also had great expectations and it's boring to see something that promised to be innovative for the Hive ecosystem and then disappear into space.

Now we have a new project and I hope everything goes well with the partnership with LIST.

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Thank you sir! Yeah it was troubling to watch such the potential go down the drain. I am glad we were able to come up with this deal because I believe that we can get moving forward in a different direction now.

Your taking over Hive Hustlers? Nice!

Take over has been completed!

Great plans already outlined there. I see live come back into these two projects.

Life never left hivelist, been building allot of background stuff, just no reason to post about every little move, lol. But yeah excited to bring some life back to the HiveHustlers community for sure!

Life never left hivelist,

Very true. I want to see it in another higher level. So much potentials lurked in Hivelist.

you and I both, lol. Trying to build a super niche community, inside a super niche community is posing to be a little more difficult than I imagined, lol. Honestly it is going to just take everyone engaging, especially with newcomers and let them know about all the awesome stuff we are doing over here! I know I have slacked myself in that, but that focus is changing!

While you're worrying about the Building, lemme stack as much LIST as I can while they remains cheap. Eyeing 200k tokens on the long run.

You do that! I am just trying to build value for the stakeholders and the community! Being only a few months old, I feel we are moving in the right direction! Thanks for your support!

Keep building great stuff here man. This is gonna be a great year on this blockchain!

Instead we are going to build out

This is something I would really like to see. I'm glad it is back on the radar. :)

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Yeah, I almost bought it in the beginning, actually had it in my cart, but didn't pull the trigger because .io domains are pricey. It was just fate that I ended up with it in the long run, lol.

Very nice to know that you were responsible for HUSTLER. I hope that more people who have this token can look forward to exciting days going forward.

I wish all the success in the world @thelogicaldude and congratulations and thanks for this initiative!

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Wow didn't know you had taken over. Think this sounds really interesting, looking forward to see the development!

Definitely, Thelogicaldude would show some workings. His visionary leadership that has moved LIST token upwards despite the few numbers of huge investors in the tribe is a good example to reckon with.

Good luck!

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Hello. For those who don't understand spoken English, lol, what to do with old coins and miners? Is it possible, somehow, to present all this in writing?)