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RE: Joy In The Simple Things 🐑 Sheep Jumpin' With Monkey-B

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Children are so resilient. Their perspective of the world is a constant lesson. Sometimes our boys have surprising questions and random comments that make us laugh from time to time.

We can relate to being “outsiders”. We find strength in our faith and each other. The ability to express ourselves and share our experiences on this platform also helps. Of course we also try to communicate with family and friends back home as often as possible.

From one dad to another, I pray that the desires of your heart will be realized in short order.


Well, you left the Caribbean for Asia and we left Asia for the Caribbean, but give thanks we all have our whole families with us intact. Bless up, give thanks. !ENGAGE 55

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Nuff Respect @justinparke give thanks.

There has already been too much ENGAGE today.