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RE: Chive Up My Life 🌿

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Yeah! It was a spontaneous move that lasted more than a decade. I am in the Kanto region in the lush countryside called Gunma


I seem to come across more people experiencing that same miracle of staying put outside of their own country of origin :)
How is the japanese language going for ya?

There are times I do get kinda homesick but nothing a trip back home won't cure. Was supposed to be there now but canceled because of the roniz.

Pretty decent speaking but the kanji needs a lot of work. I used to study a lot but went through a "fvck this Shvt" phase and never really got back on it.

Sounds nice. I will look it up online.
Funny how you say "a spontaneous move that lasted more than a decade". That's how things usually go huh

Trust me! Never in a million years did I think I'd be living here nor did I even have intertwine to visit. But sometimes life happens.

I get that.
A lot in my life hasn't gone the way I had thought or had planned, but I see those as learning moments and most were crucial for me in order to be where I am now.

Happy Holidays and stay safe! 😊