Exploring Nature with Little Ones

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Exploring Nature with Little Ones

Today Owen and I continued our exploration of South Florida. We went hiking on a trail that leads to a beach, but we had no idea there would be so many bugs! Last time we were here, there were none so it surprised us both! Luckily Owen was able to rinse his bug bites off with some all natural Florida ocean water, it's really good for skin relief too!

The Oyster Bar

Our last stop was at Coconut Bar and I was surprised to see Owen eat his first oyster! I couldn't believe it but I was so proud of the little man for trying something new. It's crazy, I can't ever tell what Owen is feeling when it comes to food.

Sometimes I'll spend a lot of time cooking up an awesome dish I think he'd like and he will barely try it! Meanwhile, he just gobbles down an oyster... it took me until I was about 24 years old before I was brave enough to eat an oyster!

The seafood in Florida is one of the best things about living here. Owen is so lucky he never had to live in Chicago and spend $5 for each oyster! I would have gone broke since this may well become his favorite food! I don't mind, they're really good for you and also really good for the ocean!

Where to Next?

I think the next thing I'm going to look into doing with Owen is searching for gems. I've been researching what natural minerals are valuable and can be found here in Florida and I think Owen would enjoy it. Having a child is the coolest thing ever because it makes so many things more fun that you wouldn't normally do by yourself. I like to look for different activities to do with Owen that will encourage his development too. Whenever we go places I can tell he wants to learn about the environment and we always have a blast no matter where we go exploring!

See you next time friends!


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I think it is so great that you are spending quality time with your young son. I wish I would have done more of this when my kids were little. I was so busy working to feed them that there wasn't much time or energy to do things like this.


Thanks @slackerman! That really means a lot to me, because what you said is exactly why it's so important to me! I grew up without a dad, and I'm very lucky to be able to have the time to spend with my boy! I was lucky to break the cycle I guess!

Cute photos and a fun post. I always find that little children bring the child out in adults, we see life differently. Enjoy every moment you have with little Owen, they grow up toooooo fast.

Yea Owen most definitely brings out the child in me, it's not very hard for him! I will enjoy every moment. To think I could have had almost no moments like this!

Great idea to explore nature with the little one. :-)

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