📷 The Temple of Olympian Zeus, Athens

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Hello, dear Travelers!

This is my next travel blog on TravelFeed.io and today I will write about the Temple of Olympian Zeus in Athens, Greece that I visited earlier this year (actually, at the beginning of March):

The Temple of Olympian Zeus is located in the city center of Athens, in it is also known as the Olympieion ...

or the Columns of the Olympian Zeus:

According to a table with historical information, the sanctuary of Olympian Zeus, one of the most important and ancient sanctuaries in Athens, was built, according to tradition, by Deucalion, the first ancestor of the Greeks, as a tribute to Zeus (king of the gods of Mount Olympus) for his salvation after the deluge ...:
The erection of the large temple was begun by Pesistratos, grandson of the tyrant, in 515 BC ...

The temple was begun in marble probably in the 4th c. BC, but was never finished. ... it was completed by the emperor Hadrian who also inaugurated it in 131-132 BC.

The temple, one of the largest in the ancient world, had two rows of 20 columns on the sides (dipteron) and three rows of 8 columns at the ends (tripteron).

It had the following dimensions: 110,35 m long by 43,68 m wide:

The temple is located approximately just 500 m south-east of the Acropolis:

That's why there is a nice view of the Acropolis:

Also I would like to mention that near the temple there are many ancient ruins:

For example, this used to be part of the wall of Themistokles (a prominent Athenian politician and general):



That used to be an ancient road:

That used to be an ancient Roman Bath:


And the Roman Bath had a special place of relief:

If you want to go from the Temple of Olympian Zeus to the Acropolis then you can go through the Hadrian's Gate:

A bit of information about the Hadrian's Gate:IMG_20200308_121556.jpg

That's it for now! Thank you for stopping by and reading! Hope you enjoyed my travel blog.

p.s. a couple of selfies:


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That was really amazing to read the history of this place and to see your fantastic pictures of it, thanks a lot for sharing it @cryptospa, it's awesome.

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Thank you for the awesome comment, @thisisawesome!

Thanks @cryptospa, and thank you for sharing it, stay awesome.

Hello @cryptospa, Such a wonderful travel experience when you travel to Greece. It has amazing architectural dimensions and acropolis. I'm really enjoy to watching them.

@madushanka, glad you liked my travel blog!

Yeah, Athens is a beautiful place to visit. Who knows, it may turn out that one of the HIVE fests will take place in Athens and you will be able to visit it as well!

I hope so.

Love the temple! Reminds me of the Assassin's Creed series - the only chance I got to virtually travel in those places, lol. But I would love to make it on that way someday!

@gabrielatravles, I am glad that you liked my travel blog. Yeah, Athens is a beautiful place.

Btw, as I see you live in Romania. I am from Bulgaria. Would like to visit some places in your country. I am planning to visit some castles in Romania and the city of Timișoara later this year.

p.s. I will follow you and read your travel blogs.

Thank you so much! I've never been to Bulgaria even though is really close to me, but maybe soon I'll be able to!
I can't wait for you to visit Romania and share your thoughts, I'm sure you won't regret it :)

@gabrielatravels, where do you live exactly?

In the South of the country

Nice mediteranean history. Greece, France, Spain, Algeria, Tunisia...!! Full of Roman and Greek remains.

@maesha, thank you for stopping by! Yeas, you are absolutely right. But, I live in Bulgaria and we also have enough Roman and Thracian remains.

Yes there are everywhere !

I've seen your post and came here. It's nice bro.It's lovely to hear stories about zeus and love to see these places

see you on twitter bro

@badfinger, thank you so much for the nice words! Athens is beautiful!

Btw, I also checked your latest travel blog. India has amazing places. Probably, I will visit it one day.

Come man. there is nice places visit

Oh my, all those months on Steem and now on Hive and never found myself a chance to present these beauties of my country.

Glad someone took action. Nice shots mate and sorry I didn't have the time to meet you when you visited Athens. Damn job...

Hey did you have some good time here?

@mindtrap, yeah, it was really very nice to visit your home city, Athens. Amazing city! I was really impressed. And I recommend it to many people. Everything is really fantastic there.

This is so awesome ❤️

Thank you, @tatiana21!

What an excellent place, you are really lucky bro. You got chance to visit such a historical place in person...

Thank you, @priyanarc! It is really an amazing place.

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You're welcome @cryptospa

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