Beer reviews: European Light Lager "Golden Boar"

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The weekend has arrived. I could relax and have a beer with friends. My friends got the usual Carlsberg and Miller, but I wanted something new and chose one of the inexpensive new products - "Golden Boar" lager by the White Kremlin brewery from Tatarstan. Last year I tried their Schlosskeller Unfiltered and was very happy with it, but now it is very hard to find in the nearest stores.

Light Lager "Golden Boar"

The parameters are very modest.
Ingredients: Water, brewing barley malt, barley, granulated hops, hop products.
Extractivity: 11%;
Alcohol: 4.9% vol;
The color: light straw
Aroma: Slightly audible. Sweet, malty and slightly floral.

Beer with no surprises. Very drinkable, with a not bad foam cap that shrinks pretty quickly and with a strong carbonation, without pronounced, bright flavors and smells of flavors, but at the same time - without defects.Which for an inexpensive beer is a big plus.


While the meat was being fried I drank three cans with pleasure. And later, in the evening, with a peanuts and small salted fish, it was a real treat. However, as a good man's lager is supposed to be, it was damn satisfying to drink hot meat with it.

On the subject of a recommendation: it's worth trying Golden Boar, but don't expect a vivid experience.

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