New Belgium Brewing have brewed "the world's least tasty beer"

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Brewers from New Belgium Brewing, Colorado are trying to draw attention to environmental issues and after the carbon-neutral ale Fat Tire, the production of which is almost harmless to the environment, presented a very unusual novelty Torched Earth.

According to the producers, it is something disproportionately shitty and disgusting, but it also declares a great idea.


According to the makers of this beer, it's brewed from smoke-contaminated water, drought-resistant grains (millet and buckwheat), the most desiccated and soulless hop extract and weeds, which gives it a cloudy amber color and an unpleasant yeasty aroma, like your crooked friend's first batch of homebrew.

Tasters also noted the drink's unique smell, with a smoky blend of malt, millet and buckwheat giving off notes of wildfire and skunk.

It begs the question - why brew such a beer at all? The answer is surprisingly simple - the brewers conducted a large-scale study according to which in 50 years, when due to the warming there will be no more normal hops and malt and weeds and millet will be in business out of despair, the beer will be only so!

A very clear demonstration that if you like really good beer, you should pay attention to environmental issues and treat the environment more responsibly.

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For 50 years none of the environmental doomsday predictions have come true. I think I will pass on this one. Recently I'm enjoying Belching Beaver Peanut Butter Milk Stout.

Stouts are cool :)


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