Quick Beer Tasting: Bud

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Hello, beer tasters! 🍻 😎 🍻

Is this really king of beers as they say?


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I don't think so. Just an average industrial lager.


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In the summer heat, chilled, it is as drinkable as any cold beer. It's a bright yellow color, and the head disappears so quickly that I didn't manage to take three photos.

Taste? No taste. Aromas? Water ... :)


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But one thing is true. I know I'm drinking beer. And that's all.


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Blackout - Abortion

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I agree, Bud is just beer. Did you know that the "King of beers" phrase actually came from a Germany beer. I can't remember the German beer but they originated the phrase. I don't know the legal arrangements between the two breweries. I learn this still in a bar in Germany. On the coaster under my beer, it said "The King Of Beers". I ask the bartender how much they had to pay to use that phrase. His response was, "No it is the other way around." Who knew.


Thank you! !BEER

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