Bestest crypto site ever

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Noise cash has been a prolific meme topic lately, even though I try to mix things up in order to keep it fresh. But when I see them posting meme-able stuff like this I just can't help myself not to a have giggle at their expense.
Doing actual research and understanding how blockchains work is much harder than just spreading some crypto around, and hoping the plebs will do something useful to the network with it, but ain't nobody got time for that.
I was also expecting such a popular site to employ somebody that can at least use proper English grammar, because "who" is used to refer to people not things (source), but hey, maybe I'm just jealous of their success :P


the much more pressing question: what is

it seems to be a kind of publish0x at least from what I can read on their site

I already registered and made my first post :D. No comments so far :(

The browsing seems to be quite well done and browsing/exploring is a huge issue on hive. Oh and you are right, is just a blown-up faucet. From what I read minds has their own token and some interesting premium programs.

very interesting I might jump on there as well, although time is a bit of an issue for me :)

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