Free moneyz

in Memehublast month


This past weekend I checked to see if I still had some steem left on "the other chain" and to my surprise I saw 100 steem lying there for me to cash out when the time comes - good job past me! Fortunately steem was double the price of hive and I was able to get almost 200 shiny new hive tokens on hive engine. The only annoying thing was that Sunny Boy created some silly pop-ups that appeared when you logged into steemit, encouraging you to make a Tron account tries hard not to puke. I guess he has steeped up his game and is trying to sell his shitcoin harder than ever.


Yeah! Same here! I can’t remember how much I had over there but I was able to transfer it over to Hive! Good times! I really thought I had lost all that money haha

free money is always nice :)

I think he was just getting active keys for cheap, I didn't need the 20usd that bad.