Looks like I was right yesterday and the gains we saw were only temporary and not a reason to get super excited yet. But since I'm sitting on a decent amount of Hive ( for a pleb) I'll be trying to power up 1000 of those shinny tokens to my alt travel account that I haven't had the time to use since ages ago. I say I'll try because I'll be traveling again and I never know if I get the chance to do all the stuff I want to do when I have to spend hours on the road.
In the worse case scenario where the price doesn't do anything amazing for the next 3 years, I'll just reap the benefits of a larger stake by receiving bigger curation rewards, because at the moment my alt it's basically spreading the love around being part of several curation trails. Even though the value of that upvote is tiny it's still nice to receive about 3,5 Hive per week without doing anything at all. The lazy pleb in me is always happy to receive stuff for zero effort.