MOaR PoWer



The day to power up some Hive has finally come this year, for me it means Hive didn't go over $1 and I didn't take any profits because selling below that level is a crime in my eyes. The upside is I'm growing my passive income alt account: @calatorulmiop which will receive a 1000 Hive power for a grand total of more than 3000 HP, this means it will make more from curation rewards, which it has been doing for more than six months now. Although the APR is around 12% or so, nothing to write home about when you compare it to other APRs on the blockchain, but I'm still very happy with earning Hive passively.
I guess the aim of Hiver power up day is to positively impact the price but I won't hold my breath that will happen, instead I just want roll with the cool kids and enjoy growing my account, there will always be a next bull run.