Not the noise they're expecting

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Since I've been hearing much less noise from free tips entering my wallet courtesy of noise cash's new policy of distributing free tips I figured I have much less to loose by posting hive memes over there.

585w41 - Copy.jpg

As you can see the new tips system is a more dumbed down version that most of their spammers users will feel comfortable with, but I don't like it one bit. I feel braindead while giving hearts left right and center. Before you could give more BCH to the stuff you like, now you can only give that freaking heart thing and it's not even guaranteed that it will give $0,01 worth of BCH. I'm sure the new system will only encourage quality posts and won't incentivized people to spam crap in order to get more hearts sarcasm intensifies


Honestly when I tried to get back into the side, I just realized what a big joke this site is. The software seems like something out of a student work group. I cant even scroll notifications anymore....

Bad UI design, bad grammar in official posts, you might be on to something :P I just want to get the most of it before the ship sinks

sure and I wish you the best of luck and success. I made 0.1 BCH from the site which more than doubled my BCH stack. I could be more grateful for that but it kind of gets overshadowed by he incompetence of the people running the site.

Also what does prove or a achieve? It is no ecosystem at all and only scalable if you find more people like Marc de Mesel who artificially wanna boost BCH stats.

From the moment I saw noise cash I knew it wasn't going anywhere long term but free money is free money. Also they inspired a lot of my memes so I regret nothing :P

Why u no leofinance tag/interface?

People are really obsessed about the quality/length of Leo posts( 500 words minimum ? nobody told me the definitive limit between short and long posts) and I have to make memes for it, at least 4-5 memes which take time because I don't recycle them, they are made exclusively for that posts. So a long post that meets the quality requirements can take me between 2-4 hours to make, and I don't have that time anymore. Also it bums me when I see onealfa saying he doesn't support anything that contains memes because reasons. So I just post my daily meme to memehub and write a short text. And I mostly use Leo Finance to comment and interact with people.
And I appreciate the support a lot of course, I can't emphasize that enough :)

There's no such thing as a 500 words thing lol