Pleb musings

in Memehub2 months ago


I've seen people rolling their eyes at posts about how many x tokens you have powered up, especially on Leo Finance and in a way I understand the sentiment because nobody wants their community filled with those kinds of posts. At the same time a balance needs to be struck because we do want to encourage people to power up stuff. This discussion is more relevant when it comes to your average Joe because people get excited went they start growing their account and when they see others encouraging them it certainly helps. However if you have a quintillion coins powered up and you post regular updates about your place in the rich list it seems a bit cringe in my opinion. It's like your super rich neighbor calling you once a week to tell you how awesome his newest luxury car is. But maybe I'm just a salty little pleb that should focus on groveling in the comments instead of making fun of the aristocracy :P
Btw any resemblance to the posting activity of a real whale is purely coincidental and should not be taken personally :D