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The latest trend on Hive is to talk about how long is the power down period. The thing is : I don't understand why it has become such a popular topic at the moment when the price is kinda meh, I would have thought that lowering the power down period would be all the rage when the price would be mooning but people have their own priorities that are too complex for a lowly pleb like myself.
I just hope that shorter power downs won't result in some massive dumps from time to time and the recent swings in price isn't a divine warning not to mess with it :)


Some people here are here to harm the system.
They are moles from the dark side.
They bring plans that look good, but turn out bad.
Look at the poor tax, they knew it devalued all stake under 250k hp by up to half.
It took two years for those of us that didn't know to figure that one out.

How long will it take for 'us' to figure out the bigger pictures?
This guy was dead a couple months later.

I don't know what you mean by poor tax

Hf21 put an exponential curve in place that devalued all stake under ~250k hp by up to 50%.
They slapped a tax on >90% of accounts that went directly to them, and/or, their sycophants.
Two years before I figured it out, or had it pointed out to me, and started ridiculing it in effective language.
Hf25 has promised to remedy it.
You will be shocked at what they had done to us.
Talk about a boot on the face of the masses.
I'm disappointed that the thoughts even occurred among our 'elites'.
They should be ashamed, iyam.

I understand, but it seems to me the Hive "elites" are behaving themselves for now at least so with an upcoming HF that fixes stuff I imagine you are hopeful about the future

Yes, best the hive has looked since I've been here.
The math is nearly fine tuned.
The worst of the worst have left, all we need now is some time for what we have to attract users that are compatible with it, as opposed to changing what we have to suit those that don't find their place as it is.

Personally, I liked the long power down period. It forced people to take a disciplined approach to their account.

As I recall the original powerdown period was a full year. I wouldn't mind a year long powerdown either.

At this moment the alt-coins are a primary focus of the platform. The alt-coins can set their powerdown period. This means that individuals on the platform can target the power down structure that they desire.

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Maybe for the people that are already on Hive, hive engine tokens are the main focus, but for outside investors I don't think that's the case ( Leo is possibly an exception ). I don't think the powerdown duration matters that much but what is important is there should be more incentives to power up in the first place

The incentive to power up POB is huge because of the strong early inflation/curation rewards.

I also think shorter power down is better, it is hard to determine the Crypto market even a month ahead.

In terms of incentives I think Hive has a lot to learn from the successful hive engine tokens

Well the inflation for Steem was also much higher at one point to attract investors, but now we are essentially holding the bag.