Posting in the enemy base

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Even though noise cash has backed down on not giving free tips to people who post about other coins on their platform I'm still unsure if I should yolo and post hive related memes there or if I should just keep them for the hive ecosystem.
After yesterday's meme, which was about hive and proof of brain, I received a lot fewer free tips. Maybe is a coincidence, or maybe it isn't.
Theoretically you get rated by other users and get free tips based on how good your rating is. I guess all the brain dead spammers that are prolific on noise cash didn't agree with the fact that memes are proof of brain and gave me a bad rating :))) that would be peak irony :P



thank you for the support, it's always a pleasure to make a fellow shitposter smile :)

They wont allow promotion of other coins.
I read a post about this a few weeks ago.
Or they hate Hive so much

they have since backed down, at least officially, but who knows what they are really up to

they backed down on the stupid rule of supporting only their BCH as crypto, now you can write about other crypto also without problem. even if you do not get free tips, amounting to up to 0.20$ daily, everybody else can still tip you. what username?

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I know they backed down I even said that in the post, but I think there is shady stuff happening on noise cash. Same username over there as well :)