Proof of following the trends

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With everybody and their mother using the proof of brain tag I wonder what is the actual proof that you use that gelatin like organ inside your skull ? :) People just slap that tag on their normal posts and hope for the best as far as I can see. I'm thinking of starting a new community that will have the tag " proof of following what others do", the name is not as catchy but I think it will be a major hit nonetheless :D
Btw I consider memes to be proof of brain :P


Btw I consider memes to be proof of brain :P

I agree. I also like to think of my posts as more on the brainy side so I will fight tooth and nails to use the tag :).

I always said I am not too sure about my Not-a-Lottery, it is still earning tons of POB and with POB almost having the value of LEO now, it is kind of strange to bet on the LEO prize and give prizes away in LEO. However if I think price prediction I think finance, not a super brainy task, so I think I will just continue to have the Not-a-Lottery LEO based.

well you could offer some POB tokens from time to time in your not a lottery, not that I would win any :))))

I have thought about that, but I want to keep it simple, the same reason I dont do HBI Shares anymore. I want one prize in one currency and I think I will actually keep LEO. I will do a post as @tgd-links, maybe today, discussing the whole topic. We are currently getting 3-7x the amount in POB compared to LEO and the value is nearly the same nowadays. Still my idea is to keep everything the same and just increase the CUB investment and the daily prize.

I see, if it isn't broken don't fix it :)

Yeah’s getting kind of ridiculous. I have to search and search and search for any posts that actually show any Proof of Brain. Except for the memes.

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I'm happy that my memes fit in the pob community :P

Me too.

I agree memes are prob

My mother does not use prob though...

There is already a proof of following is called Leo finance

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Then she should slap that tag on her posts, those pob tags love to be slapped everywhere :P

Hahahaha 🤣🤣
After reading I looked down and saw you used the tag too on your post 😂😅
Well, everything done here is proof of brain. Even the community doesn't have any specific topics, it is general.

I did say memes are proof of brain :P

I agree that tags are often used arbitrarily, and we should be more conscious of where we're posting and what is actually relevant. And I completely agree: memes are totally #ProofOfBrain! lol

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glad you agree with my big brained excuse for using the tag myself :P