Random wins are the best

in Memehub2 months ago


I sold 10 proof of brain tokens yesterday for almost 20 Hive, it's crazy how this big brained coin is managing to reach such high prices. I know this is a promising project and this and that, but since the last bull run I promised myself one thing: if steem hive reaches crazy level like $6, or $7 or even $8 I'm gonna jump on that once in 4 years opportunity and give it a big freaking wet kiss on the lips while making some really nice muneyz. So in order to do that I'm gonna stack that hive as hard as I can, even if it means sacrificing some 5000 IQ tokens.


True Story hahaha

It's that kind of coin I stake half of it and sell the other half !

I'm not selling all of it either in case it keeps going up. Thanks for dropping by :)


Yay! 🤗
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Yep I'm loving stakingPob tokens and all the rest. And got a Leo mega.miner. stake stake stake!!!

Hodl! And blaze!!!