Reverse shilling

in Memehublast month


I'm not sure if Satoshi Nakamoto smelled of elderberries but he definitely had lot of hamsters to run inside little wheels and produce electricity, because he envisioned bitcoin being clean and green and ahead of it's time. But that doesn't seem apparent to some boneheads.
Just imagine what will happen to dogecoin when Musky boy pulls off a reverse shill just like he did to bitcoin, many "investors" will end up reconsidering their life's choices.
In times like these I'm happy we don't celebrity shills on Hive because they can certainly bring you down as fast as they pull you up, good thing bitcoin is very resilient and has been through way scarier situations than this.


Wasn't the line in Monthy Python "We will throw poop at you, you gay English people" or was that just the German version?

I think it's the german version :)))