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For the past 5 months or so I've been trying ( and mostly succeeding) to upload an original meme every day, and as time passed I had the very good fortune of gathering more and more nice people that upvote my shitposts high quality stuff. But the key remains consistency, no matter how obvious or overrated it sounds, every time you take a long break is like starting over, and I can never forget what posting without anybody giving a flip is like.
Maybe it's a bit cheesy but I feel the need to say thank you from time to time to all the nice people that offer their support, either as an upvote or with a funny comment :)


Hmm, some nice vibes there... !LUV - best of luck, mate!

it's all about having fun, glad you're enjoying the memeing action :)

I am! ...and "it's all about having fun" I second that, here's some POB, lol (:

thank you :)

I am back after a long break and I agree consistency is important!


Good to see some of the blockchain veteran coming back, we need all the users we can get :)

yes we do

I love memes keep up the good to work mate 😊

thank you, you might want to try posting some memes yourself in the memehub community, dank memes get some nice upvotes :)

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Yay! 🤗
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