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RE: Not the noise they're expecting

in Memehub3 months ago

Honestly when I tried to get back into the side, I just realized what a big joke this site is. The software seems like something out of a student work group. I cant even scroll notifications anymore....


Bad UI design, bad grammar in official posts, you might be on to something :P I just want to get the most of it before the ship sinks

sure and I wish you the best of luck and success. I made 0.1 BCH from the site which more than doubled my BCH stack. I could be more grateful for that but it kind of gets overshadowed by he incompetence of the people running the site.

Also what does prove or a achieve? It is no ecosystem at all and only scalable if you find more people like Marc de Mesel who artificially wanna boost BCH stats.

From the moment I saw noise cash I knew it wasn't going anywhere long term but free money is free money. Also they inspired a lot of my memes so I regret nothing :P