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RE: Not the noise they're expecting

in Memehub3 months ago

Why u no leofinance tag/interface?


People are really obsessed about the quality/length of Leo posts( 500 words minimum ? nobody told me the definitive limit between short and long posts) and I have to make memes for it, at least 4-5 memes which take time because I don't recycle them, they are made exclusively for that posts. So a long post that meets the quality requirements can take me between 2-4 hours to make, and I don't have that time anymore. Also it bums me when I see onealfa saying he doesn't support anything that contains memes because reasons. So I just post my daily meme to memehub and write a short text. And I mostly use Leo Finance to comment and interact with people.
And I appreciate the support a lot of course, I can't emphasize that enough :)

There's no such thing as a 500 words thing lol