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If you want to enjoy total freedom and connect with people all over the world, you will be more than happy to join the hive. You can write or talk about anything. Hive blockchain gives you free access to the world of blockchain.


You can get knowledge about cryptocurrency and blockchain here on Hive you need to grow. Not only that, you can make content and get rewards from your content. It's free to access the world of cryptocurrency. Everyone can do this.

Thank you very much @theycallmedan for taking this initiative. You can read this post to know more about this initiative.

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I always say that Hive is an opportunity for everyone, full freedom and full ownership on wallet plus creators get paid for their contents too... Even if you wanna know about anything, you can ask the Hive community as well... This blockchain is an example of true decentralization...

Asole sotti bolte hocche journey jekhane sudhu sob kichu nijer , r nijer sadhinotar moddhe sob ,, jodi tomi vot paw eta tomar r jodi na o paw tobu tumar, but ei hive k amra kotota chay seta sudhu jani , karo karo jonne hive pura life, jai hok valo laglo kotha gula,,,onek dhonnobad apnake...