19 SBI up for grabs below! - Enter with a comment below

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As part of my #noloafingmoney project - Getting out of the gig-economy, I'm increasing my stake in #SBI.

So September was a rough month, but I still have 19SBI to distribute.

The rules were outlined here - Handling the hive

This month the distribution will be:

9 SBI for the comment with the most votes

6 SBi for number 2, and

4 SBI for third.

All you have to do to enter is comment below what type of content you want to see more of on the blockchain. Its that easy.

The winners will be chosen at payout, so in 1 week.

Get commenting!




I would like to see more gambling or lottery type games just based on the blockchain here and not a separate website. I also wouldn’t mind more gaming. Thanks for the contest!

I'm not a fan of those sites, but I would love to see a poker site based on this blockchain. There is only one blockchain site that I know of, and it has a lot of poker people involved, which if you have been around as long as me, doesn't actually make it attractive for lots of my SATS.

I have deposited a few, but there is no way I would play big games on it. HIVE however, I trust this community and this blockchain.

I would like to see a poker game. I have no programming skills so I don't know if it would be possible to do it or it might have to be a token based on the blockchain. I'm toying around with running a lucky numbers or hi/lo game where the winning number is picked using the txid of a post for choosing the winning number. The old Steem used to be filled with lotteries and the bulk of them seemed shady.

I don't see a reason why it couldn't be on the blockchain.

I'd have to put some thought on exactly how it could work though.

I would like to see more gaming content.

I'd like to see more memes and funny/clever posts. Less delusional stuff about how good steem (before) and Hive (now) is...

More music and event/gigs related threads. Wish there was some good Modular synth otaku I could follow 😉🎚️🎛️🎹🎧

I would love to see more content on old school gaming

Definitely more football/soccer content. It is lonely out here.

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I like content about nature/beautiful landscpaes.

It’s weird that the Hive SBI Community has, so far, only two posts. It’s not that hard to come up with an idea for posting. Just sponsor some people and write about it. Say a bit about the HSBI program and explain why you picked the account(s) or that you chose them at random or how the voices in your head made you do it.


I’d like to see more give aways and contests they were pretty popular during the bill run when steem was worth upwards of 3 bucks

There are never enough articles about the beautiful places and nature of our planet.

Gaming is indeed a very good field to start. However, I will only wish that if it be possibly a faster result/reward providing then it will skyrocket for sure.
Best regards..

More #cryptoart :)

I would like to see more content on renewable energy. I recall from some time ago this was a topic you were researching.

I would like to see more geek content #geek #anime #comic

Hmmm more crypto investment and passive income contents 😁😁😁

I would like to see more Posts about "Guerilla Gardening"



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Want to see more hive gaming

Tits and pussy...


No I'd like more snowboarding content.

lol dporn has clearly failed to deliver

If you say so.

I love photography about nature, and am always glad to see more of that.

Am I supposed to comment here?

I would love more SBI, are these HIVE SBI?

So you just give out some SBIs for a comment and some upvotes, Nice this is kinda fun. Good comments and be exelent to each other!