Lets reward some #SBI

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I posted a couple days ago that I wasn't getting the love from #sbi, but @josephsavage left me a comment that explained what was happening, and I liked the answer. So, I'm going to continue to increase my stake into the project.

As such I have 16 hive that is burning a hole in my wallet and I want to put share it with you.

Here are the rules

The award distribution will be:

  • 10 SBI for the comment with the most votes
  • 6 SBi for number 2

All you have to do to enter is comment below what type of content you want to see more of on the blockchain.

Its that easy.

The winners will be chosen at payout, so in 1 week.

Get commenting!


If this comment will be a winner, I will keep 1 share, and will organize a lottery to distribute all the other shares to those of you who will upvote my comment 😍

I would still like to see more music content and the ability to upload music files-or even things like pdf files!


Glad you're feeling confident in SBI! If you'd like to win some from me, I have a contest of my own: https://peakd.com/hive-189312/@improv/fun-easy-contest-tell-a-joke-win-a-prize-everybody-wins-punday-monday-190

Awesome, I suck at puns, so I will re-blog instead :)

I've helped other people who said that get good at puns! Would you ready my handy dandy how-to guide and give it a try?

Oh I hadn't even checked this with my own SBI shares/balance. I see that I get votes from them and I just kind of trust the algorithm, lol.
I would imagine as Hive prices goes up (which it did recently), it will be easier for them to deliver big upvotes as well? Because that $7 that you mentioned in the previous post was in USD, no?
D'oh, edited for the "what type of content" contest. ;) I would like to see more Random Acts of Kindness on the blockchain! :)

Price going up helps (at a minimum, the regular pending votes earned by your units become more valuable). On the flip side, many inactive accounts start posting again, and that puts additional pressure on our VP%

Oh yeah, huh - I'm curious to see the stats and see if we had a little spike in activity recently or if the increase in price wasn't dramatic enough to bring loads of people back yet.

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I would love to see more evergreen content and a way to have it cycled back into the feed to increase rewards and exposure.

I would like to see more music related posts but also art and cinema. I still believe Hive can thrive :)

Well I would like to see more maker/STEM content.

I'd love more sports betting content especially around models and data.

I would love to see more posts around music and video, and all the bits around it, got real potential here for a budding electronic music community too, I am going to try start a community for DJ's for example at first as theres something about immutable set tracklists that really tickles me <3

Hi, I would like to see more posts with professional content and tutorials on blockchain. Education is never enough. It's a very sensible investment and can be fun.

I would like to see more !BEER on the blockchain. I love beer! 🤩🍺

More about music, videogames and cinema


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