The April SBI winner Results - Not very interesting

in Hive SBI2 months ago

This month there was on ONE entry into the contest and that was @mytechtrail so they get all the SBI.


Congrats @mytechtrail!

I will run the contest once more, but if there isn't a lot of interest I will be switching my strategy to get to 5000 SBI from contests to staking.

If you want me to keep doing these contests let me know in the comments below.




Thanks so much for the SBI, of course I want you to go on, but understand you would like some choices of who to donate to.

Do you want me to put my comment here or on the post linked?

I personally would like to see posts about new projects and tribes on HIVE. We have seen a few like proof of brain that have really taken off and it encourages more engagement on HIVE. There is just too many things going on so having more posts about these will help others get in early.

There will be another contest announcement in May, that will be the one that you will use to enter. The contests last 7 days, basically until payout.