Do it your self quick Christmas decorations.

in DIYHub5 months ago


We had a bear spot in the kitchen on a walk over the stove. It needed some decoration. We have these baking tins we thought would look good.

Some of them had a hole already for hanging.


I took a large nail. Placing the pan on a small piece of wood I beat the nail through the pan into the wood. I took care to center the hole.


I used a dremel tool with an abrasive wheel to grind the sharp metal sticking out from the hole. Wear goggles, sparks and small pieces of metal will fly.


Once the hole was smooth I threaded red and white string through and tied it off so I could hang it. Anything could be used besides string; wire or colored ribbon. The nice part is the holes don’t make it impossible to use the pans in the future. Thanks for reading!