The Character Evolution | Thoughts, Actions and Choices


A character could evolve in different ways, it should be according to the situations he is open to. The environment he is in really matters, when it comes to how the character is shaped. There will be a built in difference of how he sees the world, that will be the thing which makes him unique. It’s a thin line and that’s the place where everything happens.


Usually to have a big change, there must be a need for consecutive incidents, which forces him to change. When repeating events happen it’s kind of a survival situation. Most changes happen in these survival phase, a single event may not be enough to force the change. There will always be a tendency to fall back to the routine. The routine he is comfortable with.
The intensity of the incident decides how much it will affect the character, it cant be measured from outside. People at a same position feels a certain event in different ways. It could be very personal, there will be things inside the character, which may he is completely unaware of. But it will be reflecting on his actions, so the details are more in his actions, more than what he says.
Every choice the character makes needed to be related to the past events he came from. It’s not at all about he learning from the mistake, it’s about how he sees those mistakes and how much he is addicted to his routine.
A small changes in the routine may give viewers an excitement, but there is a door that could be opened towards the past. Sometimes the change don’t long as expected, and it will be always concern the viewers. A change in character could play the viewers in different ways. A well played one get more credits.
Forcing a character to change will not be natural, it’s more like making a statement. He needs to have a life and a creative head just like us. He is also creative, his brain also has all the abilities of a person at his position. Exploring these will give more life to his actions and also the choices he makes through the chain of events happening around him.
Love, Death and all these things will always reflect on the character in very deep manner, more than the primary actions. These things are very deeply rooted, this could effect on the each one’s action, the choices he makes.