That Mitica Headhunter looks angry

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Splinterlands is filled with interesting characters; some of them, like the Khmer Princess look nice then there's the Mitica Headhunter that makes even the scariest character look like cute rabbits.

Edition: UNTAMED
Rarity: EPIC
Element: EARTH
ABILITIES: Snare at level 1; Piercing at level 4; Shatter at level 6

This Epicmonster was in battle earlier this week and here's how it performed in battle with a couple of other monsters in the mix

The Battle
Link to battle

The Summoner

The Wizard is the most advanced Summoner in my Earth deck, so he fit right into the team perfectly. My opponent used Peak rider that boosts shield by +3 and reduces ranged hits, while mine reduces opponent shield by -2, meaning that it was almost perfect for this battle.

Other than annuling my opponent's summoner, who was trying to capitalise on the weak magic rule by the way, it also ensured that the best qualities of my monsters were on display, owing to the fact that it is a level 5 summoner.

The Tank

When in doubt, just throw in Lord Arianthus because it will always know what to do. The floating head in a jar turned up yet again, reflecting and absorbing plenty damage during the battle.

Auxillary Reflector

I envisaged my opponent coming in with a monster with blast magic, and to handle that situation, I put Prismatic energy in poll position to reflect the goodies.

Sadly, I never got what I wanted but at least the monster was able to deal considerable damage before exiting the scene like a boss in the later rounds.

Energy Booster

Okay Brownie was a bit of an after thought and to be honest, I didn't actually have to use it. I would have preferred to have extra mana and employ Khmer Princess to do some healing.

The Poison

A very important part of the team and probably the most important monster in my team, we have this mushroom seer that uses magic but offers the extra advantage of poisoning my opponent.

Thanks to this monster, I didn't have to spend too long on any monster in the opponent's team and the poisonous hit did its job. It is also pretty cool that every single hit from this monster came with magical poison.

Hunter of Men

The main event for today, we have this angry looking monster that hunts for head. It is weird to be such a bad ass but wear a gown, but that's just how Splinterlands like it sometimes.

This epic monster is super fast and offers considerable damage with ranged attack. The was no monster with flight, so snare wasn't used but at least it was able to do some damage before the match ended.

Rear Thorns

Last and certainly not the least, we have this self healing thorns merchant that lives to erase all those pesky monsters that have sneak ability. I didn't have to worry about the sneaky monsters since none like that was employed, but Cornealus just stood firm at the rear guard to do maximum damage.

It worked out

It worked out, despite the fears along the way. As the battle got stretched, my monsters' abilities took centre stage and ensured I secured the victory.

Despite winning, there are some things I would have done differently; one of which is that I would have preferred to use a Sentiel in place of pPrismatic energy because it would have ranged reflect and shield ability to handle that annoying Sherrif.

Oh well, I can't complain because I won but it is often small margins and in this battle, the small margin went in my favour.

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