Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do!


It is in human nature for us to become weak, hopeless, and give up when things are not going the way we expected them to go, forgetting that the tough moments we face in our lives are seasonal and come to make us strong and ready for the future.

The difference between those that always win and those that don't and never is the ability to apply the positive mindset or the possibility mindset even when things aren't going the way they ought to go.

The difference between those that keep moving, keep pushing, and keep trying is the ability to apply the NEVER GIVE UP concept even when people are giving up in that same period and in that same business.

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The ability to dare to try, the ability to dare to take the risk, makes them tougher, stronger than even the tough times they are faced with. They dare to try, they dare to take risks even when the risk is supposed to make them shrink in fear and give up.

They believe in themselves, they understand that failure isn't the end of a person's life or the end of the world but an event in a particular season that brings about success when they know it is up to them to make whatever they are after work. They know, that if it is going to be, then it is up to them to make it work and they commit themselves to it. Working fervently, diligently, and focused till they get exactly what they are after.

They never quite neither do they give up so easily, they become stronger and more equipped to fight and survive the tough times when others are overcome by them. They soar high when others sink and that is exactly what makes them last.

Over time, they have learned to react positively to any tough times they are faced with and sees a possibility even in an impossibility, they manage their season tough times and try to start somewhere instead of sitting down and wallow in their failure.

They take charge and control of their tough times, align their problem orderly and critically, and then they begin to take proper actions and perspectives to see it work. Tough times come in different ways and they come to make us stronger. Our inability to make lemonade out of those periods or times keeps us inches away from our success story.

During your tough times, never give up, never lose hope, never say you can not keep going because it is only a test to see how far you believe in yourself and in what you can do during the hard times.

You know a man isn't known for his strength when he has got it all and got everything figured out, he is known for his strength when things aren't going good for them or in their tough times.

Keep toiling from sun up to sundown, don't give up, because they are just for a season, even when you return home feeling sore and worn out, it is not a time to be discouraged, it is not a time to be disheartened, even amid your time of battling discouragement, keep going, never let the words, I can never do it,
I am never going to be able to move it come close to you because they will only deprive you of getting one step closer to your victory.

Don't disturb yourself about how you have not been able to even budged the rock by half a centimeter, it is not your duty, your duty is to keep pushing, your duty is to have a positive mindset that the rock will finally get to where you want it to get.

My friend, keep pushing against the rock with all your strength, which you have done, have you taken a close look at yourself, your arms are strong and muscled, your back sinewy and sturdy, your hands are callused from constant pressure, and your legs have become massive and hard, why do you want to stop all of a sudden just because the rock hasn't moved from a reasonable amount of distance?

Why would you think that you have failed because you lost just this once, why would you dare to give up because the plan did not work as you anticipated it, why would you think it is the end just because you did not get an overflow of increase like you expected, why would you think it is the end just because you did not harvest as much as you sowed?

It is during our tough time we begin to realize that consciously, we have grown much and our abilities now surpass that which we used have, we also begin to realize that we begin to put to use most of our potential, abilities, and strength we never knew we possessed or good use when we were not faced with such a time.

Being tough during your tough times doesn't mean you can not break down, it means even when you break down, you stand up, pick your piece together and keep moving even when you are surely limping.

Strong times are seasonal but strong people remain strong forever no matter the crisis.

I drop my pen here 🖊️...

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Nice thought indeed. We should never give up and lose hope.
keep it up dear!
Best wishes!


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