Spread guava with spices

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The taste of eating something together is different. And if it is any fruit, such as guava, mango, tamarind, etc. Today I will share such a story with you, I hope everyone will like it very much .

Today I saw in front of the house selling guavas, I wanted to eat a lot, but in the current situation, it would not be right to eat outside.I don't eat there, so I bought some guavas.Then I washed the guavas well and cut them. Then I mixed Kasundi, salt and all the spices in it.
Then I was eating guava together, then I remembered some of my childhood.There was a time when we ate some fruit almost every day.How good was that childhood. Where to get guava, olives, where to get kamaranga. You have to eat one thing every day.There was a girl among us, with whom we could not eat, she ate too much.
Then, once growing up, everything seemed to be lost.Everything seems to be a memory and moves in the mind. Today I remembered those words very well. I really wanted to go back to my childhood. Where there was no rule, there was no prohibition. There were only different whims for the adults.
However, if you want, you can't get back to childhood. But I feel very good to be able to share it with you today, I feel light. Everyone will be fine ."Thanks everyone"


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