To be successful we need our own willpower.....

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As soon as we are born, the dream of success is built in our mind by our family or society.Once upon a time, in order to fulfill that dream, we went down in the race for success. Many of us lose in the competition to fulfill that dream. Again, many won the competition. That is why we need to change our mindset first. And with the change of mindset we need will power.

Success does not come easily in anyone's life. This requires hard work and sacrifice for a long time.Willpower and positive thinking are the backbone of success. People with a positive mindset are very confident.

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Willpower is one of the steps to success. The one who has the will is most likely to be the winner. Strengthening the willpower is required to reach the golden peak of success.

But many times people do not awaken his willpower. He puts his inner willpower to sleep in himself. Think of yourself as small. Keeps awake the fear of not being able to. But any success can be achieved if the indomitable will hidden within oneself can be awakened.

No matter how many obstacles come to reach the ultimate goal, no one can suppress them. No matter how hard it is, the will power takes him to his destination just in time.

I saw some of my roommates older brothers and friends who had no will power in any job. That is why they did not make any preparations. Which is why they are still unemployed, or working in other sectors.

Those big brothers and friends often said it was not possible for us. We can't do that, we can't do that. Which is why they never prepared for that kind of work. As a result, there is no question of success in all those endeavors.

I saw a former school teacher in the newspaper a few days ago. Who retired in 2008. He was admitted to the MBA evening course at Pabna University of Science and Technology after a decade. In the final examination, he passed with a CGPA of 3.50. He was the first in that batch.His name is Raushan Ali. He is 73 years old and lives in Pabna. At this old age, he has built a reputation of being first class first in the final exam of MBA.

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Today those who have established or reached the pinnacle of success. They got there only because of their own willpower. Again we are the ones who have failed. We have failed because we do not have our own willpower. So we want willpower for success in any endeavor.

So in the end I want to say, will power and success are tied in the same thread. Willpower leads people to the pinnacle of success. Whoever has the will power, the chances of losing his life are very low. Any situation can be dealt with if there is willpower in oneself.And that is why any work requires willpower as well as positive thinking. Positive thinking is another key to success.

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