Nightmare of reality [ roundel poetry]

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Nightmare of reality

I had a dream; frightening and terrifying
Horrible sounds in the dark
Brings anguish send shiver down to the spine
I had a dream

Fear of unseen makes me soaked in sweat
A nightmare yet speaks the truth
Horrors and pain of the ordeal suffered

A dream that rhymes with the reality of now,
Will only make you scared for the future
Especially when big dreams are shattered.
I had a dream

You can also write your Roundel poetry following this rules

Rules of a roundel

  • The total number of lines must equal 11.

  • There are three stanzas.

  • There is a refrain.
    A refrain is a repeated sentence.

  • The opening words of the poem are the refrain.

  • The refrain is the fourth line of the first and third stanzas.

  • The first and last stanzas are quatrains.
    A four line stanza is called a quatrain.

  • The second stanza is a tercet.
    A three line stanza is called a tercet.

  • The rhyme scheme is ABAR/BAB/ABAR
    The letters denote how each of the 11 lines rhyme. R is the refrain. Remember that B rhymes with the refrain.

  • The number of syllables per line is open, but try to have some balance

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