TIME; Man's Greatest Enemy

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In life, the concept of Time being man's greatest enemy is vastly underrated. Regardless of how well you lived, everyone eventually runs out of time. Efficiently utilizing your time remains one man's most significant asset.

The famous saying of "time waits for no man" should be an eye-opener of the dangers attached to not effectively utilizing it.

How well do you use your Time?
If you spend 12 hours sleeping while the remaining hours watching Tv while eating junk, permit me to say you are wasting your life.

Having Fun has been one mechanism constantly sapping time away from people. It's okay to moderately/occasionally have fun but once having fun is all you ever think of, there is a problem.

Waiting on others before making or taking an action on your life is a time-wasting too. You should take charge of your life because you only got yourself.

How to properly Utilize time

Just in case you might be feeling lost about properly optimize your limited time, here is what you need to do;

  • first of all, change your sleeping habit. Taking at most 6 hours to rest is recommended
  • spend less time on things unproductive
  • Read books that will shift your mindset
  • Avoid distractions
  • Avoid procrastinating
  • Move with people who will change your mindset and motivate You
  • set targets and apportion time to each