What makes the English league special

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I have never been so happy about the fact that a football match is going to go down before. Only boredom and maybe a little bit of sadness could do this. After the news of 1nch Airdrop early this Xmas period, I was sad to have lost out. The Airdrop came as a shock and no one could have expected it. But then when you don't have the power to change an event, you move on from it, so I did just that, I moved on.

I didn't even allow that to affect my Xmas plans, besides my plans for today were to sleep all through the day. One thing I have learned so far in life is that, cut your coat according To your size, so I cut mine. But I have plans for 26th, which happens to be my birthday.

Can you guess what the plan is?

You can't guess it right, well, here is what it is, I planned to watch football all through. The English football league has been my go-to personal upliftment doctor for a while.

My love for football is not something new or foreign to anyone on this platform. I am Chelsea fan but I love watching football to the extent that, I love matches that were not even from the English league. I watch basically any football match I set my eye on. This has helped my football knowledge in numerous ways and it also reflects on my writing.

As the 26th of December is about to come up in few minutes, I have the English premier league to turn to as survival as I have no other plans.
Other leagues are on a break but the English league is still in session.

Till tomorrow, Merry Xmas and happy boxing day.