Keep calm, say no to bullying!

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Hi everybody, take my humble welcome and invites to my blog. I hope all of you are having a decent day. This morning I was pondering about what should I write about. In our life so many memoirs, so many stories to tell, but sometimes it’s hard to decide one. Entertainment, happiness, sadness, all these are part of our life. Sometimes we forget about other things, we only look for entertainment. And for that, we can do anything.

What is going on here? Does anyone have any idea? We often see this happen in our life, especially among the immature people, they constantly try to harass others. They never think about others’ feelings, only things they cherish about to make fun of others. Yes, they are the bullies. Making fun of others is not a crime but playing with people's emotions again and again I think that’s a crime.

Who are those bullies? Do they exist? My answer is yes, they exist in our life, maybe you or your closest friend or maybe your sisters or your brother anyone. In society, the numbers may be few, but the endless mental pressure they are having is unbearable. But they never show their pain in their face, rather they try to keep calm. Maybe they are living with us, but it breaks them from inside.

I remember some of my friends also used to do that with other friends. Some of them could tolerate that, but some couldn’t. Those who couldn’t tolerate mentally became very weak and tried to hide from others. But those who always make fun of others, they never stopped their stupidy, rather they increased the torture.

One of them was so desperate that he stopped going to school. Who knew what was going on his in his mind? A few days later he committed suicide. When I heard that I was so furious, If I had a gun I would have killed those peoples who forced him to do so. I couldn’t as I was a tiny kid. They were the criminals to me at that time.

I think parents should be more aware of their children. What are they doing? Are they happy with their friends? Parents should be friendly to their children. It’s not only feeding and bearing all the expenses, but they should also make their children feel that they will be there whatever the situations are.

And now the people who make fun of others, they should understand that it may be entertaining for them but not for others. So keep calm and say no to bullying.

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I was terribly victimised as a little kid, for all sorts of reasons. *Funny name, being brown, having black hair, having a brown dad and white mum...I would go home crying most days as a 5-6 year old. It built character though, helped shape me into who I am now. Tolerant, patient, able to absorb hate from others etc.

Having said that, it also made me hate people a lot and I am quick to deal with those who prey on the weak, women, children disabled and those unable to defend themselves. I wouldn't change my past, the vilification and hate I was subjected to...It made me the man I am now...And I'm an ok dude.

Nice use of some hand drawn pictures to punctuate your point.

I hate those people who have such mentality, how they treat people are totally unfair. So sorry to hear that you also victim of those stupid behaviors, often I think what kind of people they are, they should be ashamed for this kind of behavior. I

We should change our mentality, at least we should try, our parents and educational systems can play a vital role in this.

Cartoons! Yep I always try experiment with new things, its give me pleasure.

It was a long time ago...the 1970's and times were a little different. Still, racism and bullying happens today still. The world hasn't learned yet it seems. I wouldn't change what happened to me although, at the time, it brought me abject misery. I survived though, learned some lessons and became a good man. (I think.)

OMG 1970s, long time ago! Now 2020…almost a half decade. That time I wasn't exist in this world. You are a good man, most importantly you learned by yourselves and what you learned can't be deprived. I have a lot to learn from you.

I turned 50 this year. Started school in 1975, which is when it all started.

Sometimes we suffer for some unconscious people. so it is better to stay away from all those people...

Bu the question is how? and how long??

Sometimes, they ask me a lot of useless question and those time I feel really bad.

I guess in childhood few time child also not aware that they are really harassing other. Role of parents and teacher is really crucial in stopping this behavior.

You are right, our parents and the educational system can play a vital role to minimize this unwanted behavior.

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