Reminiscing the last winter!!

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I have spent part of each of the last three days restoring my beautiful and very old Computer table. I had to remove old and crumbing fill and refill damaged sections of the top of the table with a plank of thick liquid plastic wood and sand it down smooth. I am removing more than a century of layers of wax, varnish, and lacquer. It has required brushing on and scraping off three times the layers of varnish, and the last one is now applied. And I will go down to the kitchen shortly to remove the final and clean the paint remover from the tabletop and let it dry tonight before applying a new finish.

Late winter, still too much cold!! I was planning to plant the bulbs in flower pots and set in my sunny windows to have flowers while it was still too cold to plant outside! If you could recall the last, not the first, winter, you would be surprised at how comfortable it is here in the spring- Outside there is freezing rain, and the ice is hitting the windows making a musical sound - inside, under my quilt, I imagine someone special here beside me as we try to decide what to order! It's a mixed feeling!!!! Oh God!!! I really loved this season!!

Finally, winter is over, we had some semi-warm days last week, and my brother helped me clear off the garden and put mulch around all my roses. Some nights we are 29 to 34 degrees high to hot to bear! We won't even start plants from seed indoors before march as May 10th is generally considered the first night that there will be no chance of the summer flowers being killed by frostbite. The spring flowers are bulbs deep in the ground, and I have planted many over the past 2 years, and they will start shooting up in April and blooming.

I left the job I was doing!!! I don't know; I was not comfortable with it. The main reason I left the job is 11 hours of working hours, these hours are much too long! So late to get home with a long commute - only time to eat and sleep!

When someone looks for a job, He/she should make sure that you really like the work and enjoy the work relationships and the work itself. If it works out that this is a place where he/she enjoys working, has opportunities for promotions and pay raises, and gets a room near the office, you don't have to do that long and tiring commute make sense.

If you don't like the work, then someday you will be bored. This is necessary if you really want to gain success in your life. It was like learning new things, gathering experience & using that experience to achieve your goal.


Nice Shoot Man.

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