Wings of life!!!

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Doctor, engineer, chemist, teacher, etc., all these words that everyone is familiar with, not just because these words are very prestigious profession, but also because these words have been ringing in our ears since we were children as our parents always wanted us to have a promising future. Parents always concern us want our life to be secure & that's fine, nothing wrong with that parents begin to impose their choices on them, which may not be the best things for them, which isn't right.

In my childhood, I dreamed of being a pilot. There were several reasons behind it; the main reason is when I was a kid, I always whenever I heard an aircraft's sound, I would instantly go outside and start looking for it in the sky. This inquisitiveness does not stop there; I began asking my father questions about how airplanes fly?? How many people on that plane?? Who is flying the plane??? My father patiently answered all those questions. After that, I always wanted to be a pilot. This came naturally & this was something I really wanted to achieve; however, my parents want me to be a doctor. But I ended up with something else, completing my Hon's & Master's degree in mathematics & became a mathematician.

When I think about my dream to be a pilot, it is still possible, so I still have that desire to fly a plane or maybe a jet. Desire, dreams, ambition keep us on track. It may take a year or maybe a couple of years or more than that to achieve my goal, but I must be happy with what I have now. Most of the people are predictable. I am not saying this is bad, but if people quickly lose their hope and give up their dreams & desire, that will be the worse thing in their life.

Human life is a floating boat, & humans don't have any control over it. We don't know what will be our next destination until we reach there. The whole world is unpredictable & so are we & this is the most amazing thing in our life. This actually not destiny, it's the faith & we can't regret it. I am happy with what I am now; I discern everyone should be happy about it. And I am grateful to the almighty for this beautiful life.

Wings of love!!!! This is one of the most beautiful fusions of poems by Rumi & Hafiz!!! This is one of the most exquisite fusions of Rumi and Hafiz's poetry!!! Persian music is incredibly rich; I've been listening to this fusion since yesterday and marveling at how beautifully written it is. One of my best friends in New York enjoys Persian music and poetry and always shares it with me. He also discusses a program called "Mufti," which is a small party of Iranian musicians that includes some wonderful musicians and offers fantastic concerts as well as great food and drink! So, enjoy the music and have a wonderful day!!!


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