Gardening, enjoying life, composing music ...

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When you think that in matter of gardening everything might start from here:


AND, after a few weeks, you can start to see some awesome results ... i think it's the most sublime concert of the Mother Nature ...


With such veggies, you can create dishes from Indian cuisine until Middle East ...

Some chicken with veggies will always fit on everyone's table :-)


Even the red onions, assorted with some hummus, would be something amazing for every Family.


I think Mother Nature will always show us the right Path, the only thing is that we need to know and to understand how to keep the Harmony in balance ... This is the main issue, even in music ... when is not a good melody with a good harmony ... guess what?

Speaking of music ...

Sometimes, a simple pedal/drone and a turkish ney can create a unique universe ...

Therefore, here is one of my compositions. Enjoy the music people:

As i've always mentioned ...

If you want to know and discover a country, a new land, go with the music and culinary art of that region ... no other things ...

Soon, we'll discover new regions without living the room, through augmented reality ...

Would you like to travel in such an universe with my lego designs on some futuristic machines ... of course built with the help of our Star Wars team ? :-)


Tusken Raider is one of the greatest engineers to build such an impressive desert machine for a not very distant Future :-)


Maybe soon we'll see the true of all those movies from the Past, and, we'll be able to travel through portals and the teleportation will like go with a train ...

Meanwhile, enjoy your day people along with your Families.

Enjoy some music and add both of them to your playlists :-)

It's free on your spotify account.



While planting bless the earth, it blesses human too.

And wooow... Leggo work is so impressive, I can't believe it.

Really cool!