Olive pickles - Made by me

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I became very interested in making different foods at home at different times.Me and my family like the home-made food.I think homemade food is good for our health.Homemade food is free from adulteration.So as much possible, we eat homemade food.Besides, I'm a foodie lover man.I am always search for delicious food.I try to make delicious food item at home all the time.
There is a word in bangla language-

বাঙালি হলো ভোজন রসিক জাতি।

Today in my home I made one of my favorite food items.And that's it Olive pickles.Friends pickles are one of my favorite foods.I like mango pickles and olive pickles.These two pickles are my favorite pickles.As, today I made olive pickle at my home.My wife helped me make olive pickles.

Some talk about olive

Olive is a very well known fruit of Bangladesh.It is found in all region of Bangladesh.It is basically a winter fruit.Olives have many nutritional properties.Olives is a natural medicine and natural products.It contains a lot of vitamins.Eating it is good for health.Olives are sour to eat.However, olive pickles are very popular.Olive pickles are very popular in our country.The people of our country eat pickles made with olives.Olive pickles are also very beneficial for health.So today I also made pickles with olives.







First you have to collect fresh olives from the market or from a tree.I collected fresh olives from a tree.I collected this olives from my a relative's house tree.Then the olives must be washed with water.Then the olives have to boiled with water.
After boiling, the olives have to crushed by hand.Then cook in a container.





*Dried pepper
*Cumin powder
*Turmeric powder
*Bay leaves
*Sweet spice
*Black cumin
These ingredients will be needed to make the olive pickle.

এছাড়া আমরা সহজ ভাষায় দোকান থেকে আচার তৈরীর মসলা কিনে আনি।সেই মসলার নাম হচ্ছে পাঁচ ফোরন।সেই পাঁচ ফোরন মসলার ভিতরে আচার তৈরীর সমস্ত উপকরণ থাকে।দোকানে গিয়ে দোকানদারকে বললেই হবে পাঁচ ফোড়ন দেন।

You have to take the oil in a container first.Then you have to apply all these spices and sugar in that container.Mix the spices and sugar well and cook for a while.After a while it will become a delicious olive pickles.Delicious olive pickle will be made instantly.A healthy and beneficial olive pickles.


This olive pickles is very beneficial.It is natural products and natural medicine.Olive pickles is very beneficial our health.This pickles contains many vitamins.So friends, If you want, you can easily make this olive pickles at home and eat it.

I take some pictures while making olive pickles.I shared the pictures with you here.In the picture you can see the olive pickle made by me.A delicious pickle.
Everyone stay well and stay safe.I wish you good health.See you again.

......All pictures captured by me
.....................The End"

About Me



I am Md Aminul Islam from Tangail district of Bangladesh.I live in Tangail city. I am a Degree (BSS) pass student.I love my parents and my family members.I love working on HIVE BLOG.I'm not a style man.I am a simple man.My favourite game is Cricket.And my favourite hobby are Traveling, writing, blogging, photography etc.

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Yes, my dear friend olive pickles.I am very happy to getting your support.

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Thank you so much my dear friend.
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That sounds like a delicious pickle!
What quantities of the ingredients do you use?

First I take 2 kg olives.
Then one kg sugar.
Then half a kg oil.
The spices should be taken as per your wish.However, the amount of spices is very low.You can try and make this olive pickle.

Thank-you for giving the amounts!
I do love the selection of spices you use in these pickles if I ever get some raw olives I
ll give it a try!

I just love this recipe and I am sure it's delicious!

Yes it is very delicious.Thanks for your compliment.