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I am too too too much addicted to facebook. Well, its not 'am' it will be was. Hahaha, yeah its 'was'. I was too much addicted to facebook. But recently i was trying my gard to get rid of it because it’s just a time pass where i find myself on some unnecessary things. The purpose of the social media is get to know each other surrounding you and i do appreciate it. But Now-a-days do many things are happening besides us like positive and negative ones and as of trending we everything is just piled up one after another.

I don't like one thing to be repeated thousands time. Its always boring and irritating and we do face this thing on facebook. One thing that we do add friends and sometimes some people turns out to be really unsocial and thet keep doing such things and i end up at unfollow or unfriend and on some cases i do block them. Hahaha. Really i do. So overall i was frustrated about facebook so i thought of reducing it. I know i wont be able to remove the pile overnight it would take time and really its taking.


In previous time i was too much addicted on facebook and it used to have a huge amount of my previous time. Now its been reduced to one fourth comparing to past. Really it is. You may say that i haven’t quite totally still show offing but trust its a great victory to me. I know how much addicted i was and how much time it is killing of mine now. I still go to check on my friends updates to keep a track on them too.

Coming from my personal things lets talk some thing about it in general. If we run into am argument we can say that facebook is the most popular social media to stay in touch with our nearest and dearest one. I toi agree with this that we can have updates from them. But the way are using it on our daily life it turns into a garbage to me sometimes. Copy and pasting others writing without proper courtesy with just a word collected over and over again is the most irritating thing to me. Again if a trendy topic comes we all just fall on that. Thousands of posts are made from one topic like hot drop.In reality none of them work out.Another thing is false news getting viral. Which is really very dangerous thing. Its a great place to manipulate minds through false news.

Well, wait guys its not a post of talking the negatives of facebook. I just came to share an experience of mine which i have made mind to complete and now feeling i am doing well. No doubt that facebook is somehow helpful to many ways and its like a two way sword and today i just focused on the bad sides to highlight the reason behind my step. Hope you guys understood well.

So guys it was all for today, i shared another experience and some thoughts with my own opinions on a topic. As i always say here i am saying my personal thoughts which may be contradictory to your ones so don't get offended and you may also share if you jave anything to say about it. Everyone has different point of views amd ways of thinking. I am writing from your one and you are there to share your ones too. So feel free to say anything through comment box. I will be very happy om comparing thoughts over a particular topic. Thank you for your time.


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