Have a track on the ongoing life.

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Sometimes its better to think of our own life. We need to keep a track on ourself. How we are, where are we heading to. In short do a summary on our own life to get an outcome which will help to know what's our position on the way of life.


So here i am, i am now quite alone and free from everything. I have put my mobile phone in flight mode so that no one can reach or distract me while i am on this. I have also locked the door of my room for not being distract by anyone. Well often i do it and calculate my life. Hahaha. It seems funny that what's left to calculate about life. But yes, there is a lot for us to calculate in our life.

First of all i wanna go through the economical part. I try to remember my few days expenses asif i am spending money less or more. I try to calculate for the coming days. Like its 3rd of November and on 11th November there is gonna be some offers on many e-commerce platforms and i have few things to buy. So that's a target i am keeping in my head. I also go through if i have borrowed any money from anyone or not. Though i don't usually borrow money from anyone but sometimes i do when i go to outings, hahaha.

Well after that it comes to the most important part, about my mental health. Its the main part of all these. I try to figure out how my days are going. Do i have any stress or not and others problems or things happened in these days. Well,let me give you an example, recently i have had some dispute with one of my friends. So i am thinking about that matter. I am thinking whose fault was there amd what should i do now. I hate disputes so should i solve that or not. I try to solve these kind of stuffs in this time. Trust me these are the best way to keep a track on yourself.

Well, do you wanna hear a funny thing? In these time i have a most satisfactory part and that is i am having a lot peace and good relations with others. Unfortunately i am single now but it also make me fortunate when i hear the problems of other's relation. I feel like, thanks to Allah that i have no one, its one way better then quarreling all day and take ajaira pera(unnecessary stress). Well don't be offended. Its just an funny part,i am not saying relations only bring quarrels or something like that. I just mentioned a single thing from that topic.So chill,take love,spread love. Babu khaiso? Btw its been 11.35pm have you done your dinner? I have done and immediately sat for writing with a filled stomach.

This year everything is going different. Our way of life has been changed.It has also changed us in many ways.One year back this time was going in a way and now its been going in a completely different way.Who had thought that so many things will happen within this 365 days? These covid situation has confined me a lot within these four walls, put me in a mental pressure about my family health at this pandemic. Made me sad on seeing the bad conditions of economy to many families. Although the scenario is changing now but we all know that the winter is coming which is a great threat for us. The covid situation may get worse the before of it is left unaware and we keep going uncontrolled. Hope for the best and well-being of everyone.

Hey guys hope you are quite well. It was another blog from me about a very personal topic of mine. I do these kind of tracking on me often. Actually it lets me know how i am doing these days. Lets me to what i should do or not in the coming days. When i find everything going well, everything is in place where they should be then i feel a lot satisfaction which can not be described in words here. But trust i do feel a peace at those moments. Really it helps a lot. Do give it a try. Thank you for your time.


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