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Sometimes i wonder about hive. So many people with so many things. Some are on with some amazing photography skills. Some with great fiction writings. Some on crypto talkings. Also some people on writing, blogging and so on. Everyone is putting their own creative skills and efforts here to make the place more beautiful and making a place for own.

Come to me, people who know me a little may know that i mostly do writings on my own thoughts and opinions. I love to share what i feel or think about a particular topic on our life. Hahaha, i am not a great advisor or any kind of that thing i just put my own thoughts and opinions in front of others. I think that i have that skill to start a discussion over a topic and try to explain that as much as i can. Sometimes i try to bring stories from my own life to make those topic more easy to catch and explain to you guys.

Many times i also tried to write story or fiction type of writings too. Some maybe for contests some maybe as a part of my writings and so on. All of them the common thing is i am trying to be a daily writer who share his thoughts and opinions on different things.

I always love to take photos. Photography is also a part of me. But in this few months it reduced a lot as i am going out very less. You all know the reason of that. So currently here i am a less photographer and a mostly continuous daily blog writer. Writing is turning into my main capability. Days are going and i am trying to write as much as i can. I am trying to develop myself on that.


Sometimes i wonder how i am writing so many things? Do you guys also have this question on seeing a person doing a work that how he does all this? I am pretty sure we all have such things in mind. I had a friend who was in steemit and later on hive but he is lost in the midway. I tried to bring him back but he can't figure out where he would put himself and make a place. He asks me how i come up with so many writings and i smile and say "These comes out of air, all i need is to try about it."

Truly it is. I don't know what i will write. I think for a moment, try to figure out some things. Then i have a discussion on my mind about that. Then i make some parts of that and start to write. While writing every parts needs to be discussed even more. It feels like i am talking to you. Yes to you. I always feel like i am talking to someone and trying to make that person understand what i am trying to say. I try to explain my thoughts and opinions with that person. I mean with you. Everything needs a cause to perform. The reason or direction to my writings is the reader. I try to imagine that i am talking with someone and the rest are done with the fingers and mind.

In easy way it is like we meet a friend and started talking. Can you count that how much words you will speak with your friend? Countless. Yeap, I also apply these things. This is the way of my writings. Hehehe i am sharing everything. After-all you are also a friend of mine on this platform and i am writing for you. Isn’t it? I am writing for a purpose and that reason is that other people will read, comment and vote. That's it.

Talked so much about how i am continuing my hive journey. Everyone must have some such kind of stories. Some such kind of things on the back of their creative works here.So many people, so many things to learn from them. All we need is to keep moving on our own way and follow some idols.

That's all for now. Today i was with the reasons behind my daily writings. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Feel free to share if you have anything to say through comment box. I will be very much happy hearing on that. Thank you for your time. Have a good time!


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