Lets keep track on our own faults.

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Without a mirror we cant see our faces so i think its something like the reason for which we don't see our own mistakes or faults. Its very very easy to find faults in others. Many of us enjoy it a lot. Generally its a very easy job to do while sitting without doing anything of worthy. In our real life there are a lot people who comes to interfere in others matters while they are not any way relevant to it.

Its something like that, you and your friends have given an exam. When the result came out you have got 79 marks. One of your friends are mocking at you and saying that you should have studied hard, you have done mistakes that's why you got this number and so much lectures. But go and have a look at his marks,he must have got a much lower marks then you. His one doesn’t matter he came to lecture another one. Really i have seen it a lot and get mad at those people.

By the way i can give another example of these behaviour among us which we all do a lot. I am laughing already as i also do it a lot. Don't we watch sports? Like cricket football and so on. While a match going we just pass comments how he should do and he shouldn’t. Sometimes it happens that we started reviling the players. But do we know his conditions and why did he do that? No. We just sitting and eating pop corns and passing our judgments without even knowing the real things.How things work there. That is how everything goes. We just only want to implement and see others faults without knowing any truth or seeing own self.


Well i have found this picture on internet. Seeing this i have got this topic to be matched one hundred percent accurate. Here a cactus which is full of thorn and it is yielding at another plant with one thorn. Hahaha. It represent the topic today i am discussing. He is ignorant of his own thorns and pointing fault at other's. Isn't it funny?‌‌‌‍

By the way i also must say sometimes it helps too. When other's do point out our mistakes then we realise our fault and get a chance to correct it or learn from the mistake for near future. So its like a two way sword, we may see in both ways but still i am on my point. I was talking about ignoring the faults of own. That should not be accepted at all. Yeap,i am helping another person by pointing him his mistakes but i also should be more careful to my own things. If i am doing mistakes one after another and we went to find fault to others then it might hit us back.

That's why everyone of us should keep track on our own actions. If you start looking at our own then you will not get the time to find fault to others. In this way we all will be able to correct us and we wont need to see the faults of others and this way we will have a good relations with people and everything to be done perfectly.

Hello guys,hope you are well. So you have gone through my post and got an idea about our actions. Let's try not to see the faults of others ignoring our own mistakes. Start correcting by your own and gradually you will see everything being correct automatically. Well, it was all my own opinions and thoughts, it may be contradictory to your thoughts and opinions. So if you have anything to say then feel free to let me know through comment i will be glad on hearing from you. Thank you for your time.


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Everyone one see others mistake..not to see Their own mistake...

Yeah, From the day time we will start looking at our own mistakes then the others will also do so ultimately it will reduce our mistakes.

Sabias palabras.

Thank you for the appreciation.

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