Movies as my mood changer.

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In my free times i do watch lots of movies. Just finished one. These days i am quite at home due to minor sickness and was also mood off due to a personal problem. So for passing time started watching a movie. The runtime of the movie eas 120+ minutes. Trust me the whole time i was like drown in the movie. My mind was totally engaged. I wasn’t thinking anything of outside the story of the movie. Really it happens.


Often i do such things. Whenever i need to change my mood i make a free time and change my mood a little bit as per the movie.My favourite movie genre is thriller or horror type.These are really amazing. These type of movies always remain in a suspension and keeps me engaged with it.

Well i have remembered a story of my childhood let me share with you guys.
I was a a student of class five or six approximately i am not sure,forgive me.In the evening my whole family was watching a horror film. I was also delighted on enjoying the movie. In the middle of the movie i was needed to go the toilet. I was so much fared by watching the movie that i couldn’t move. With so many courage i move out of the room way to the toilet suddenly a horror background sound came that hurriedly rushed back amd waited for the movie to end.After completing that i got a satisfaction and left the room. Hahaha that was really a horror environment at my surroundings.

That's what movie do to us now.It keeps us engaged, it gives us more things to think and do. Like sometimes if i am feeling sad i started watching action films for being active instantly. Romantic movies are also much interesting idea to change the moods. Though i have some personal enmity with romantic movie, i still watch them for this purpose. Its really a helpful trick for me so that i can overcome or get used to my changing moods.hehehe, its like customization of moods to me. Haven’t you tried yet? Do give it a try in the city of changing mood as soon as possible.

Well, it has made the mood jolly and i am feeling like watching two more of them. But its getting too late for another runtime. Currently its been 2.30 AM.My fingers are still typing but my eyes are closing , yet i do have a feeling that i can enjoy two more movies in a row. I am feeling drowsy so its better to go for a sleep now as the mood is even better then before.

So guys, that's it for now, Todays post was like a mood changing factor of movie. I am writing too many lines and erasing them off. With a sleepyhead i may make many mistakes please consider them as a little mistakes.But you know i could write about it later or could skip it. But i do believe everything to be done instantly or at the perfect time. For me its the perfect time to write on that matter so i did. Thank you for your time! Good night everyone. Have a sound sleep.


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